the new 2021 catalogue, dubourgel by bemis is available


download catalogue ENDubourgel becomes Bemis, and in this transition phase adapts to new codes. To allow you to easily find the products you are looking for, product information is clearly listed and have become easier to browse. Find toilet seats, flush mechanisms, tanks, and accessories.

New products

New products and new innovations! These are the keywords for Dubourgel by Bemis. This year we are introducing the innovative Bemis Ultra-Fix® fixation system into our product range. This fastening system guarantees that your seat will stay perfectly in place. All you need to do is follow the 3 simple installation steps.

 You will find Ultra-Fix® in the catalogue with the following products: 

Aversa Duroplast Toilet Seat Aversa Ultra-Fix®

The Aversa Ultra-Fix® is a durable duroplast toilet seat that comes with stainless steel hook hinges. The seat features the Ultra-Fix® fixation system that prevents loosening and makes it a very suitable toilet seat for use in high traffic areas. The Aversa Ultra-Fix® is available under the Bemis brand. 

Hudson Moulded Wood Toilet Seat Hudson Ultra-Fix® 

The Hudson Ultra-Fix® is made from recycled compressed wood. Due to its high density, it is long-lasting with low sensitivity to moisture and water. The toilet seat features slow close hinges with the Ultra-Fix® fixation system, which prevents loosening. The Hudson Ultra-Fix® is available under the Bemis brand. 

The other toilet seat novelties you will find in the catalog are our new naturally antibacterial thermoset toilet seats. 

zen Duroplast Slow Close Take Off Toilet Seat Zen

The Zen 3 is made from duroplast material and therefore naturally antibacterial. The seat features slow close and an easy take off system for convenient, hygienic cleaning of your toilet seat and ceramic. The adjustable stainless steel top fix hinges install easily from the top of the ceramic. The Zen 3 is available under the Dubourgel by Bemis brand.

Iril Duroplast Toilet Seat Iril

The Iril toilet seat features adjustable stainless steel hinges with rapid fixation for easy and fast installation. The toilet seat is made from duroplast a naturally antibacterial material and available under the Bemis brand.

The new Bemis Pure Clean® bidet toilet seat is also included in the toilet seat section.bidet toiletseat The Bemis Pure Clean®, allows water cleaning with the adjustable shower spray. It features two shower heads (perineal and anal), self-cleaning nozzles after each use, and operates without electricity. Moreover, the seat comes with slow close, take off hinges for convenient cleaning, and a double bottom and top fix fixation kit.  

Flush Mechanisms

Last but certainly not least, you will find a new economic flush mechanism set added to the flush mechanisms section. This set is a combination of the Mecatech flush valve with double flush and the SR+ inlet valve with side entry, hydraulic closing, and delayed entry for water-saving. 

Dubourgel by Bemis: brand in transition

In 2016, the Bemis Manufacturing Company, the worldwide leading manufacturer in toilet seats, sees the opportunity with Dubourgel to undertake a new nationwide business approach.
This will allow us to complete our product offering, increase production capacity and benefit from innovations.

With our continued expansion and growing consumer demand, we have decided to present ourselves under a single brand name in order to focus on our commitment: to be a reliable partner for our customers. This means implementing a brand strategy that will enable Dubourgel to become Bemis. In order to ensure a smooth transition of Dubourgel’s heritage, this change will occur gradually. In the meantime, the brand will be presented under the name "Dubourgel by Bemis".

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