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Bemis Manufacturing Company enhances Carrara & Matta brand visibility with bemis brand

Bemis Manufacturing Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toilet seats, continues its European growth strategy with an increased local presence, numerous product introductions as part of a comprehensive European product portfolio as well as enhanced visibility of its core brand Bemis.

After four European acquisitions, the foundation of a GmbH in Germany as well as new product introductions in key markets such as Italy this year, Bemis is well on track with becoming a leader in the consumer goods sector for innovative bathroom products, in particular toilet seats.

Together with the ongoing expansion, Bemis is also aiming at sharpening its brand identity and positioning in order to appropriately cater to its desired customers. The result is the initiation of a dedicated rebranding program towards one brand Bemis.

“Upon the integration of the affiliated companies, our growing focus in the professional sector and the generally increasing end-user demands, we saw the strong need for reviewing our brand identity and reinforcing our commitment to offering customers choice with more clarity, which resulted in initiating the transition towards a one brand marketing approach,” says Vanessa Schulte, Marketing Manager EMEA at Bemis.

The first rebranding steps are expressed in the Italian market with the new look of the Carrara & Matta and Bemis catalog as well as the expansion through the product range of Bemis Duroplast toilet seats.

“To enhance the Carrara & Matta brand visibility with Bemis, a brand that is strongly committed to providing quality products through innovation, also reflects our ambition to further gain competitiveness on the Italian market and to continue reviving relationships with historic customers, as we just saw recently. I am looking forward to the months to come,” says Stefano Corino, Sales Manager at Bemis Manufacturing Company for Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta.

Further brand activities and communication initiatives are planned during the remainder of the year.

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