Discover Push n'Clean

005 PNC image 800x800Cleaning your bathroom has never been easier with the Push n'Clean easy take off system. No more hard to clean areas, simply push the seat down to unlock and take off to allow convenient cleaning. 

Developed with a focus on ease and hygiene, the Push n'Clean take off system will give you all the space that you need to easily clean your bathroom. Being able to take the toilet seat off will allow convenient cleaning of the hinges, toilet and the seat itself. 

Push n'Clean will be available with slow close, stainless-steel hinges and the new STA-TITE® top fix hinge fixing system, that guarantees a steady seat. Produced from thermoset plastic, this seat is scratch resistant and highly durable. 

Find out more about Push n’Clean or the STA-TITE® hinge fixing system.