Orlando NextStep™ Silentium® STA-TITE® - 4250ELT

The child/adult Orlando NextStep® is an environmentally friendly, American Innova seat, designed for universal pans in Residential applications. This unique seat accommodates both adult and child users equally, making it the perfect seat for your family bathroom.

The Built-In Potty Seat secures magnetically into the cover when not in use to reduce clutter. With NextStep®, toddlers can use the seat with confidence, knowing it is sized to hold them, is securely attached to the toilet, and will not shift underneath them. Then, the child seat removes when no longer needed and for easy cleaning. This seat also features STA-TITE®: the patented fixing system that always stays tight and takes the guesswork out of installation. The lower portion of the nut shears off when the proper tightness is reached, so it is always perfectly tight.