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  • BEMIS Push 2 CLEAN

    Makes cleaning your toilet a breeze


    Bemis toilet seats with the Bemis Push 2 Clean™ take off system are designed to provide you with unparalleled cleaning convenience. The hinge system on these toilet seats is designed to allow you to remove the seat quickly and easily for thorough cleaning. 

    A must-have for every home or commercial area with high hygienic demands or frequent cleaning routines. 

    Simply push the button on the back of the toilet seat to unlock the hinges, lift the toilet seat off and clean thoroughly and conveniently your ceramic, the toilet seat and the difficult to reach area between the hinges. 

    Finish your cleaning routine in no more than a few minutes and simply click the seat back into place. 

    Toilet seats with the Bemis Push 2 Clean™ take off system are available in various models and feature, Slow Close, installation from the top of the ceramic and the ring and cover have an antibacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria.


    • Unlock the toilet seat hinges with a simple button

    • Made of antibacterial Duroplast

    • Hygienic removal, no need to touch the hygienically critical areas of the seat

    • Maximum hygiene

    • Easy push back into position after cleaning