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Hudson Slow Close Ultra-Fix® FSC®


The Hudson Slow Close Ultra-Fix® is a moulded wood toilet seat with a sleek modern design. The seat has a trendy matt black colour and matching slow close hinges. This toilet seat has anti-slip bumpers and the Bemis Ultra-Fix® hinge fixing system for a secure grip on the ceramic. The patented Bemis Ultra-Fix® toilet seat fixing system does not loosen over time and prevents a wobble seat. The system installs easily, the lower portion of the nut shears off when the proper tightness is reached securing a perfectly tight installation. 

The Hudson moulded wood toilet seat is an environmentally friendly toilet seat made from post-industrial wood waste that would otherwise be landfilled or burned. The seat is finished with water-based paint reducing VOC emissions.
  • Material:
    Moulded Wood
  • Fixation:
    Bottom Fixation
  • Hinge Material:
    Matt Black Metal
  • Shape:



Slow Close

Slowly and quietly closes with a tap, eliminating slamming and pinched fingers.

Environmentally Friendly

Responsibly sourced woods and water-based paints used in this seat are environmentally friendly.

Bemis Ultra-fix®

The Bemis Ultra-fix® system will keep your toilet seat secure -- no more loose toilet seats!

Non-Slip Bumpers

Non-slip bumpers provide a better grip.