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Bemis introduces the new Hudson Ultra-Fix® toilet seat

Bemis markets the Hudson Slow Close Ultra-Fix®, a 3.2kg toilet seat with a modern and contemporary sandwich design.

The Hudson Ultra-Fix® toilet seat is made from 100% reclaimed wood, which means no trees were cut specifically to produce this toilet seat.
Moulded wood by Bemis has a high resistance to moisture and water, made from recycled wood and finished with water-based paint this seat is an environmentally friendly choice for your bathroom.

The toilet seat is equipped with chrome-plated hinges and stainless steel screws and also features slow close to prevent slamming of the cover and pinched fingers.

The toilet seat installs easily with the Bemis patented Ultra-Fix® fixing system. Ultra-Fix® is an innovative fixing system that ensures the perfect stability of your seat. During installation, when it reaches its optimum clamping point, the bottom part of the nut breaks off ensuring a perfectly tight fit. With the Ultra-Fix® fixing system, the toilet seat does not wobble and remains perfectly in place.

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Moulded wood by Bemis
Moulded wood produced by Bemis is composed of waste material from secondary wood manufacturers or agricultural production. Limiting our environmental impact because no trees are cut down specifically to manufacture our products.
Very different from MDF, moulded wood is a very robust material as it is produced at high temperatures and extremely compressed. Because of this high compression moulded wood has a high resistance to moisture and water.
At Bemis, we have been using pulverised wood waste for decades to reduce waste. Every month, more than 1.9 million kg of post-industrial wood chips become recycled wood composite toilet seats marketed by Bemis worldwide. But most importantly the recovery of wood waste minimises air pollution and the depletion of natural forest resources.

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